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Music is wonderful and beautiful. Music is wonderful because it is an extension of our own inner consciousness and consciousness of the whole of humanity. And we can use music to create great change. Mahadev Ringtone Download  But it’s not that easy and music is a tool, music is a means to an end. Music can make us happy, it can create joy and love, but it doesn’t bring about peace and harmony by itself. Sometimes it needs to be shared, passed on, and added to make music beautiful, peaceful, and joyful. This is music that has been shared and passed on overtime by passionate artists and lovers of good music. Music in this video is meant to create harmony and not stir up conflict. It is meant to take the emotion out of a sad moment or help people to move on. It is meant to send people out of a darkened room where they are feeling lost, desperate and hopeless. Music can bring about change and create a much-needed sense of hope in our life and that is the vision of peace and harmony that I